Video Customer Reviews

Because your customers are your best ambassadors, highlight their video testimonials on your various communication media to attract new leads.

➤ 5X more impactful than a written review
➤ Authentic testimonials
➤ Social proof

Customer Testimonial

Create engaging videos, with a panel of customers chosen according to your criteria, to test and promote your products or services.

➤ Reassurance about your products/services
➤ Confidence
➤ Boost the customer experience

Live Shopping

Connect with your community by broadcasting live events on your website. Put your communities back at the heart of your strategy with more authentic and compelling interactive content.

➤ Innovative communication
➤ Interaction with the community
➤ Humanize your brand


Share the events that animate your brand and bring a quality image, or schedule digital meetings with your community.

➤ Storytelling
➤ Brand Image
➤ Participatory engagement

Collaborator Experience

What better way to attract the best profiles than to present your company's culture by giving your employees a voice.

➤ Company culture
➤ Humanization
➤ Transparency

B2B communication

Boost your performance by sharing the experience of your best representatives. Your employees are an excellent source of knowledge and expertise. Use them to promote your brand.

➤ Improve your performance
➤ Unite
➤ Brand content

Influence Marketing

Get opinion leaders to speak about your Brand. Ideal for audience building, social ads and SEO, their awareness brings you visibility.

➤ High visibility
➤ Notoriety
➤ Commitment

Pro Streamers

Recruit, among hundreds of profiles available on our Marketplace, speakers trained in various video contents.


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